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December 2014 Specials

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Merbein Great Vanilla Slice Triumph

The Merbein Great Vanilla Slice Triumph - Saturday August 16th.

Free Allied Creme Muffin Mix

Find out how you can get a free bag of Allied Creme Muffin Mix

Barker's May - June Promotion

The latest deal from Bakers's.

May Specials

Specials for the month of May

April Specials

April Specials out now!

Holmesglen Apprenticeships

Holmesglen Baking Apprenticeships: Bakery Training Designed for industr

February Specials

Timstock February Specials out now

2014 Victorian Baking Show

Information on the 2014 Baking Show, being held on Feb 22nd and 23rd.

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