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Merbein Great Vanilla Slice Triumph

The Merbein Great Vanilla Slice Triumph - Saturday August 16th.

Free Allied Creme Muffin Mix

Find out how you can get a free bag of Allied Creme Muffin Mix

Barker's May - June Promotion

The latest deal from Bakers's.

May Specials

Specials for the month of May

April Specials

April Specials out now!

Holmesglen Apprenticeships

Holmesglen Baking Apprenticeships: Bakery Training Designed for industr

February Specials

Timstock February Specials out now

2014 Victorian Baking Show

Information on the 2014 Baking Show, being held on Feb 22nd and 23rd.

Christmas Specials

Christmas Specials

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